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Integral UltimaPro 32GB SDHC High Capacity - Class 10
Integral UltimaPro 32GB SDHC High Capacity - Class 10
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Grippy Pad Anti Slip Mat Pink
[Grippy Pad Pink]
Jetzt Kaufen  7.99EUR
Verzendingskost Belgie / Envoie Belgique Verzendingskost Belgie / Envoie Belgique 4 euro
Verzendingskost Nederland / Envoie Luxembourg Verzendingskost Nederland / Envoie Luxembourg 8 euro
Envoie France / Versand Deutschland Versand Deutschland Envoie France 8 euro
Shipping rest of Europe / Envoie en Europe Shipping rest of Europe / Envoie en Europe: Osterreich , United Kingdom , Eire , Italia , Norge , Danmark , Espagna , Sverige , Suisse , Suomi , Portugal , Hellas 17 euro

Grippy Anti Slip Mat: With this anti-slide pad you have your stuff always and easy on hand. The Grippy Pad holds almost every product for you.

Turning a corner, only to see all your things flying all through the car. Your pen, telephone, lighter, sunglasses, and you've only just put everything neatly into place on your dashboard. Pfff, this can really drive you crazy. With the Grippy Pad these annoyances are forever in the past. This little sticky mat will keep in place most things. Not only the products named above, but also coins, parking tickets, lipstick or mp3 players. Just place the little sticking mat vertically on a plastic surface, and you are ready to put all of the products on it.It works perfectly as a little mat. But, the Grippy Pad is also very suited for bigger products, such as cups, glasses, navigation systems and portable dvd players.

Place the Grippy Pad horizontally and the anti slip mat will easily make sure the products will be kept in place. We are talking about the car, but the Grippy Pad can of course also be used in various different places. Think about a trailer, ship or an airplane, it's very handy to have the Grippy Pad at hand while using these kinds of transportation. But the Grippy Pad is also ideal for in the office, the kitchen or for in the bathroom. Stick with ease your pens, shopping lists, tooth brush or razor on the Grippy Pad.

In short, you can't imagine all the things you can use the Grippy Pad for. Afraid the anti slip mat will quickly get dirty or dusty, and because of this won't function anymore? No need for worries at all! You can easily clean the Grippy Pad with warm water. After washing it, it's like you have a brand new Grippy Pad. Now you know straight away that the mat is water resistant also! This means getting wet does nothing to the Grippy pad. Also, it is resistant to high temparatures and sunbeams, so the little mat will optimally function during the summer also. Not only can you place it on a vertical or horizontal surface, the Grippy Pad will also stick easily to a bumpy surface. The dimensions of the Grippy Pad are as follows: a length of 15 cm and a width of about 9 cm. The Grippy Pad is so small that you will always be able to find a place for it. Last, but not least, the anti slip mat is available in eight different colors. This way you will always find a color for your Grippy Pad to go with your car, trailer, kitchen, bathroom or just about any place. The colors in which the sticky mat is available are: transparent, black, gray, green, red, transparent pink, pink and yellow. Because of it's high quality silicones, the Grippy Pad will last for years without loosing it's functions. Experience it yourself and in no time you'll see yourself wanting to use the Grippy Pad in many different places.

Features Grippy Pad:
- Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces
- Water resistant
- Resistant to high temperatures and sunlight
- Easy to wash
- Made of high quality silicones
- Colors: transparent, black, grey, green, red, transparent pink, pink and yellow.

GRippy Pad

Shopreference: GADG00830

Tags : grippy , pad , anti slip , mat .

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