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Apfelkleber iPad Aufkleber ALL I NEED
Apfelkleber iPad Aufkleber ALL I NEED
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IROAD IONE-3800FU 1080p Full HD Dashcam
Jetzt Kaufen  199.99EUR 189.99EUR
Verzendingskost Belgie / Envoie Belgique Verzendingskost Belgie / Envoie Belgique 7 euro
Verzendingskost Nederland / Envoie Luxembourg Verzendingskost Nederland / Envoie Luxembourg 10 euro
Envoie France / Versand Deutschland Versand Deutschland Envoie France 17 euro
Shipping rest of Europe / Envoie en Europe Shipping rest of Europe / Envoie en Europe: Osterreich , United Kingdom , Eire , Italia , Norge , Danmark , Espagna , Sverige , Suisse , Suomi , Portugal , Hellas 34 euro

The Top model of iRoad dashcams

This dashcam has all the top features like a 6.0 Megapixel Full HD camera, 'parking mode', 'event mode', use with smartphone or PC , backup battery, and 'security LED'.
This dashcam is easy to use and install ...
iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR  

6.0 Megapixel Full HD camera

The iRoad iOne-3800 FU Dashcam has a 6.0 Megapixels Full HD camera (1920p x 1080p). Recording at best quality.

Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor

The special Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor captures detailed recordings, even when its dark outside. Even at night or in bad weather conditions, it records perfect images.

Bright recordings with 30 fps (frames per second)

The 'high brightness' SR-LED lens provides fluent images at 30 frames per second. Quality images .

Viewing angle of 140 degrees wide

This Car DVR Camera has a viewing angle of 140 degrees. What you see, the camera will see. This way , the main part of the front of your car will be recorded, so this dashcam will also notice the passing cars in time. This dashcam can turn 270 degrees round this ax, so you can perfectly position de camera how you want.

Image quality

Here is an iRoad iOne 3800 FU video. Remember, Youtube standard displays videos in low resolution. Be sure to watch this video in Full HD 1080p for best result!
iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR  

Light weight and compact

The iRoad iOne-3800 FU is a compact dashcam and hardly noticeable in the car. Stylish finish with its shining black cover. This dashcam is light weight and easy to install on your windscreen. Steel ventilation grids offer an optimal cooling for use in hot weather

Stylish design

This dashcam is developped for the international market and has a tight stylish design. This cylindrical shaped dashcam is finished with a shining black cover and had two easy to reach buttons and led lights. It also features a built-in speaker.

Ventilation grids provide optimal cooling

The Steel ventilation grids provide an optimal cooling, so you can use this dashcam in extreme weather conditions. (Temperatures -20 C to +60 C!

Easy in use

Installing this iRoad Dashcam is very easy to do.
  iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR
iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR  

Easy to control using 2 buttons

This car camera is easy to use thanks to the 2 buttons: Event and Mode. You can easily format the SD-card by pressing the "event" button for 5 seconds.

Flashing indication LED-light

The green Led light shows you when the dashcam is recording. The Blue Led shows you when de GPS is working (if you use an external gps antenna)

Backup battery

The IROAD IONE-3800FU Dashcam has a backup battery , in case of power shortage , it still saves the video of the accident.

Video OUT (connection with TV)

It also has a video ouput , so you can stream your video using a AVcable to your navigation system or tablet. This way you can easily adjust the viewing angle.

Easy to take out of its holder and turnable

You can turn the ione-3800FU dashcam around his axis or easily remove in from its holder to prevent theft.
  iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR
iRoad iOne-3800 FU Full HD dashcam autocamera CAR DVR  

Automatic starts recording when you start your car

As soon as you start your car, it starts recording. It also overwrites the oldest files first when the memory card is full. You can also check how long you can record by going to the menu Memory Card

Event button

Since the oldest files are overwritten when the memory card is full, you can record special events , by pressing the Event button. These recordings will be saved to a different folder and will not be erased.

'Event' recording in cause of accident

A built-in function is the event mode. This feature detects crashes or accidents using the G-sensor. These videos are kept in a different folder , and won't be erased. You will never lose evidence.

Parking mode (motion detection)

The iRoad ione-3800FU dashcam also has a motion detector, that records movements outside the car in parking mode. This way you also have recorded evidence if something happens to your car when its parked. Remember that this function only works when you have a constant power suppply !

Streaming to your smartphone

You don't need a PC or TV to play the videos. Now you can send the videos to your smartphone. View an event immediatly inside your car. Videos can be viewed by mobile phones that support Micro SD cards and MP4 format.

Software for your PC

You can transfer the video files to your pc. iRoad has developped an interface for this, which you can play the videos, see your current speed, location (if you use an external GPS antenne)

Firmware updates

To stay up to date , iRoad has a team of developpers to work on the newest software. You can do a firmware update by placing the newest firmware on your SD card

Package includes:
- iRoad iOne-3800 FU dashcam
- Dashcam holder
- 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card (6,5 - 7 hours recording)
- Power cable
- Memory USB-reader
- Instructions

Tags : JAEWONCNC , iRoad , ione , autocamera , dashcam , CarCam , dashboardcamera , 1080p .

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Apfelkleber iPad Aufkleber JUICE
Apfelkleber iPad Aufkleber JUICE
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